A Malta Temples Tour is a must for anyone who travels to this beautiful Mediterranean island. Malta and Gozo are home to seven megalithic temples, all of which are designated as world heritage sites by UNESCO. These megalithic temples date back 5500 years ago and are the oldest free-standing stone structures in the world, even older than the Stonehenge and the Pyramids. It is also home to more than thirty other temples, all of which reflect Malta’s rich past.

Prehistoric Temples Tour

  • Price: €40

During this tour you visit the Tarxien Temples which are an archaeological complex in Tarxien. They date back to approximately 3150 BC. The site was accepted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1980. The temples consist of three separate, but attached structures. The main entrance is a reconstruction dating from 1956, when the whole site was restored. At the same time, many of the decorated slabs discovered on site were relocated indoors for protection at the Museum of Archaeology in Valletta.

You will then visit Hagar Qim & Mnajdra Temples. The megalithic complex of Hagar Qim is located atop a hill on the southern edge of the Island, on a ridge capped in soft globigerina limestone. All exposed rock on the island was deposited during the Oligocene and Miocene periods of geological time. 500 metres from Hagar Qim stands the Mnajdra megalithic temple. The surrounding area is typical of Mediterranean garrigue in its starkness and isolation; it is designated as a Heritage park. A few hundred metres from the temple is one of the thirteen watchtowers built by Grand Master Martin de Redin, called Hamrija Tower. Transport back to all hotels will be provided.

Available: Saturday

Price: Includes:
Adult €40 Tarxien Temples ticket
Children 5 – 12 yrs €27 Hagar Qim Temples ticket
Children under 5 – free Mnajdra Temples ticket

Tours to just Hagar Qim are also available at €24.